Setting out on the route to international success

Exceed your business with the BEyond program. Best practices and know-how from Belgian and international experts come to help you in your ambitious growth path to become a world top-business player.

  1. Open call: Invitation to Apply & Submit applications

The invitation to apply will be in November 2018 and the submission of appliances in January 2019. 

  1. Selection time. 

This is a handpick process of 2 months period, were Mentors and Advisory Board come together to analyse the applications one by one, a quite hard time for BEyond after receiving top-profile projects. In April the results are disclose on the website, and if you are selected you will be personally contact via email and phone call. 

  1. Kick off event “Meet your BE-mentor & peers“ (12th April, 2019)

In this exciting event you meet your BE-mentor, a top entrepreneur with a proven international background who will challenge and expand your business during the Implementation phase (approx. 18 months).

You and your mentor can count on the support of the members of our Advisory Board. They are willing to answer your questions and open their (international) address books for you.

During the whole program you are in contact with entrepreneurs (your peers) that are in the same phase as you are. Share your experiences, learn from and encourage each other.

4.  Bootcamp (26-27 April 2019): in 3 days you will formulate your international growth plan, inspired by top entrepreneurs keynotes, mastery workshops, exclusive lectures and learning from fellow candidates.

Bootcamp main topics: leadership&HR, international business development/sales and fundings.

5. Preparatory day for “Pitch (Post Bootcamp)”: August 22, 2019

6. Access to capital #Get your Money

A pre-seed fund will be available and an investor event is organized to help you raise capital (fall 2018). Throughout the negotiations you will be advised by qualified entrepreneurs.

7. Implementation phase Make your success concrete!

For this year’s edition, there are 10 places available. The scale-ups will be selected via a selection procedure with a fixed time path.

Eager to know if you qualify for the BEyond program? There are some important criteria to meet before you can apply.