BEyond 2020

From the 14th to the 16th of October we hosted the BEyond 2020 Bootcamp. This was an intensive series of workshops and inspirational speakers held over three days. It took place at Pairi Daiza, known as Europe’s most beautiful zoo.

The cohort covered topics such as how to develop an HR strategy, understanding the legal framework of fundraising, techniques for pitching, learning about global business cultures such as that of China, as well as practical tips and tricks from peers, all with the aim of accelerating business growth internationally. The high profile event featured a range of personal stories, such as Jean-Jacques Cloquet (CEO Pairi Daiza), Kevin Tillier ( CEO of Myskillscamp) and advice from partners (Deloitte, Linklaters), experts Régis Lemmens (Salescubes), Reggy-Charles Degen (Q7 Leaders), Paul Van Eynde (Capricorn Ventures) and fellow entrepreneurs.

Now the 2020 Beyonders are ready to fully accelerate their international growth.