Join a select network and use it to make an impact

The spirit of community is the essence of our programme, and the peer-to-peer learning opportunities are the shining example of that. Highly rated by our scale-ups, they allow you to connect with top-class entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success in their field.

As a matter of fact, meeting, working with, and sometimes brainstorming ideas with this group of like-minded scale-ups has been seen by many as one of the biggest benefits of being selected for the BEyond programme.

In addition to being able to find inspiration in their peers, each scale-up is matched with a mentor who has built their own company and successfully developed it at an international level. All our mentors are outstanding entrepreneurs who have made a brilliant career for themselves, some still actively running their business.

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2022 Laureates

Our laureates are ready to set out on the BEyond journey full of motivation, determination and energy. Together with their assigned mentor, each scale-up entrepreneur profits from the ecosystem created around the programme. Fellow business leaders, industry experts and guest speakers bring a tremendous added value to everyone’s international entrepreneurial endeavour. 



Jorim Rademaker

Easily create, share and read how-to guides

Vincent Mefflet

Mentor BEyond 2022

Business strategy

Louis-Philippe Broze

Reinventing orthopedics

Hans Constandt

Mentor BEyond 2022

Med-tech entrepreneur

Stefanie Broes

The world’s first tactile breathing exercises in the palm of your hand with real-time biofeedback

Christiane Malcorps

Mentor BEyond 2022

Seasoned board member

Pierre Collard

Optimising medical purchase

Paul Celen

Mentor BEyond 2022

Marketing strategy

Roldan Descamps

Making manufacturing accessible and local

Reggy-Charles Degen

Mentor BEyond 2022

Entrepreneur and HR expert

Laurent-David Hostyn

Smart and dynamic offerings

Sébastien Leempoel

Mentor BEyond 2022

Impact software entrepreneur

Nico Wauters

Blockchain logistics

Steven Vermeire

Mentor BEyond 2022

Business strategy

Josefien Vanhuyse

Digital Twin Platform for Data Driven Asset Insight for AECO industry

Olivier Delens

Mentor BEyond 2022

Open banking & beyond

Jaime Catalan

Competitive intelligence and market intelligence tool

Marc Decorte

Mentor BEyond 2022

Strategic thinking

Tom Maes

Bicycle leasing

Vince Meens

Mentor BEyond 2022

Business strategy

BEyond 2021 Laureates

Stefaan De Wildeman
Stefaan De WildemanB4 Plastics
 Chris Van de Voorde
Chris Van de VoordeJuunoo
 Gaëlle Helsmoortel
Gaëlle HelsmoortelDgenious
Reggy-Charles Degen
Reggy-Charles DegenQ7 Leader
Patrick Depauw
Patrick DepauwSocial Seeder
Thibaut Vanderhofstadt
Thibaut VanderhofstadtSortlist
Jean-François Heering
Jean-François HeeringVadis Technologies
Simon Tavernier
Simon TavernierStampix
Vincent Theunynck
Vincent TheunynckVintecc

2020 Alumni results

The BEyond programme helps you achieve real-life success and international growth.
By the end of the 2020 edition, our alumni reported:

Million raised in capital
Created new jobs
Entered new markets
Average increase in turnover

BEyond 2020 Laureates

Benjamin Eysermans
Benjamin EysermansBao Living
Benny Willen
Benny WillenCloudalize
Loic Lambers
Loic LambersFullup
Céline Bouton
Alexandre De Bièvre
Alexandre De BièvreSentinel
Manuel Basilavecchia
Manuel BasilavecchiaNetaxis Solutions
Alexander Varvarenko
Alexander VarvarenkoShipnext
Romain Syed
Romain SyedShippr

2019 Alumni success stories

Million raised despite COVID
Direct jobs created
Laureates Entered new markets

BEyond 2019 Laureates

Alexandre McCormack
Alexandre McCormackShayp
Kevin Tillier
Kevin TillierMySkillCamp
Geert De Coensel
Geert De CoenselMerkator
Emna Everard
Emna EverardKazidomi
Danny Stevens
Danny StevensFieldDrive
Karel Callens
Glenn Mathijssen
Glenn MathijssenAlberts
Geoffrey Gosset
Geoffrey GossetE-Peas
John Paul Bogers
John Paul BogersElmedix
Philippe Delforge
Philippe DelforgeFRS Robotics

2018 Alumni success stories

Average revenue growth
New foreign markets
Laureates raised fresh capital

BEyond 2018 Laureates

Bertrand Anckaert
Johan Langenbick
Johan LangenbickFoodpairing
Stijn Jans
Stijn JansIntigriti
Jean Verheyen
Jean VerheyenNallian
Hans Constandt
Hans ConstandtOntoforce
Peter Soetens
Peter SoetensPick-it
Johannes Vermeire
Johannes VermeirePOM
Denis Periquet
Denis PeriquetTessares
Filip Geuens
Filip GeuensXenomatix
Yves Van Ingelgem
Yves Van IngelgemZensor