Becoming a global leader is not for everyone. It is a journey full of unknowns and challenges, but also a wonderful journey whose influence extends far beyond the entrepreneur to employees, their families, even an entire country. It offers unparalleled satisfaction and can be a source of great pride.

To succeed internationally, you have to be surrounded by the right people. People who add expertise to yours as an entrepreneur, people who have the networks to facilitate introductions abroad, people who know how to facilitate business success.

That is the essence of how BEyond’s unique combination of mentors, speakers, contacts and wisdom, brought together with the top Scale-ups helps shape your future business success.

“As a family we have always been interested in entrepreneurship. I strongly believe that we have ‘hidden champions’ – Innovative technology companies that have an ambition and the potential to become world players. We are eager to ensure that these companies are identified and happy to support their development through this initiative.”

Tanguy du Monceau (Solvay Family), Chairman of Pulse Foundation

Pulse Foundation is a philanthropic initiative of entrepreneurial families in Belgium who, in order to ensure the sustainability of our wealth, set up a foundation to encourage and support future entrepreneurship in Belgium.