About BEyond

Strengthen the Belgian entrepreneurial eco system

Most Belgium companies are struggling to go Beyond our borders. Some do not dare, others do not know where to start, or lack the ambition. The good news is that there are some hidden champions among them.

BEyond is for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. In other words, experienced entrepreneurs who have founded their business, developed it internationally and became a major player in their sector. Is part of a solidarity between the different components of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country with, as common objective, a sustainable economic development. It implies solidarity between the actors, a responsibility, and reciprocity from the granted entrepreneurs. 

To quote from Itinera (Think Tank report, June 2017) we need the “exemplary function of successful entrepreneurs to boost the ambition of scale-ups”. But also for our economy: “where it’s not the size of the business that is crucial, but the extent to which scale-ups grow rapidly.”

The Team that Thinks BEyond

Under the umbrella of Pulse Foundation, Fonds Baillet-Latour, Agoria, EY, DataScouts and Universem mobilise and brings experience, expertise and network to accelerate the growth of promising scaleups.

Names such as Grégoire de Streel, Rodolphe de Hemptinne, Benny Sintobin, Sébastien Deletaille, Bernard Delvaux and Duco Sickinghe are already committed to BEyond.

We will achieve our goal of a community of scale-ups, mentors, members of an advisory board and partner organisations which develops in the course of time. A community that enriches the Belgian ecosystem and is willing to meet, learn and move forward.